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It's simple! Just sign up at Within seconds, you will be instantly emailed an innovative toll-free number allowing you to offer FREE 24 HOUR RECORDED INFORMATION on your network marketing product or service. While listening they can also select to directly connect to you at the touch of a button. But here's the magic... even if they call and hang up without saying a word, we capture the date, time, topic of interest, marketing source and phone number of the caller - even if they have an unlisted or blocked phone number! 

You see, offering information labeled as FREE 24 Hour and Recorded (non-confrontational), you will generate up to 300-400% MORE CALLS than using a traditional office number or cell phone and NEVER lose even a single lead again! You can access this information instantly via text, via email and or via 10 real time reports! But wait! There is more... with, we can even follow up for you by instantly sending callers an SMS/Text message, with a link to a video or affiliate website

Oh and more more thing...In order to help you start generating leads right away, we have ALREADY created a PROVEN LIVE AD with your toll free number in your back office that you can use to capture customers 24/7! It has already been set up to direct connect clients to your cell and notify you via text/email or leads INSTANTLY as they call. SEE BELOW!

Instant LIVE Ads!

Once you sign up, you can INSTANTLY ACCESS AND START USING your LIVE Ad which is based on the category or network marketing company you selected. Here are a few of the set up for various business categories. These ads are AUTOMATICALLY set up to direct connect clients to your cell and notify you via text/email or leads INSTANTLY as they come in.  Of course, you can change any of the setting and/or add additional extensions or ads yourself 24/7!  

If we have not created one for your network marketing category yet, just email and he will try and get it done within just a few days! Of course, you can still customize and create your own ads 24/7 using the Call Capture Quick Start Guide found in the help tab once logged in.  See below some of the LIVE ADS already prepared for you!

Benefits of these Simple but Powerful Ads...

Generate More Calls

People call information labeled as "Free 24 Hour Recorded" up to 300-400% more often because it is free, available 24 hours a day and recorded (non-confrontational). You can offer various consumer tips to trigger their interest in calling & fine tune your ads based on which topics are called most.

Instant Phone Capture

You can get notified live and real time via SMS to cell and/or email with the time, date, marketing source, topic of interest, and phone number of the caller (even if they hang up, have an unlisted number or have a Caller-ID blocked number)

SMS follow up

Since 30-40% of calls occur BEFORE 8:00 am & AFTER 5:00 pm, you can't always pick up the phone. That is why you can automatically SMS back callers with a video or website link for more info.

10 Real Time Tracking Reports

You can access 10 real time caller reports, tracking the time, date, marketing source, recording called, topic of interest area code, result of caller and more

So Simple

No hardware, no software, nothing to install, up and running 24/7 in 1-2 minutes, no activation fee, no long term contract, 1,000 free minutes every mo. (only .09 cpm after in 6 sec. billing increments).

So Much More

We will show you how to use our technology to work with other local professionals to increase your advertising exposure by up to 500% or more - without it costing you a thing!

10 AMAZING Real-Time Reports 24/7

Calls By Hour


Position your time to be more available when most customers call

Calls By Area Code


Find hidden pockets of potential clients before your competitors even know the exist!

Calls by Marketing Source


Find the best places to generate more clients - know the EXACT cost-effectiveness of ads



In addition to the 10 real time reports mentioned above which track the Area Code, Date, Hour, Extensions, Marketing Source, Result of the Caller, Overall Statistics, Marketing Effectiveness, Average Call Length, Direct Connects, and Notifications, you can also that tracks the time, date, phone number (cannot be blocked by Caller ID!), length of call, whether or not they clicked your SMS link (showing greater interest) and usually their name!!!

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